The Book of Human Emotions: From Ambiguphobia to Umpty — 154 Words from Around the World for How We Feel

Languages Tiffany Watt Smith 1.1K 13th Mar, 2022

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A thoughtful,gleefulencyclopedia of emotions, both broad and outrageously specific, from throughout history and around the world. How do you feel today? Is your heart fluttering inanticipation? Your stomach tight withnerves? Are you falling inlove? Feelinga bit miffed? Do you have theheebie-jeebies? Are you antsy withiktsuarpokor filled withnakhes? Recent research suggests there are only six basic emotions. But if that makes you feeluneasy,suspicious, and maybe even a littlebereft, THE BOOK OF HUMAN EMOTIONS is for you. In this unique book, you'll get to travel across the world and through time, learning how different cultures have articulated the human experience and picking up some fascinating new knowledge about yourself along the way. From the familiar (anger) to the foreign (zal), each entertaining and informative alphabetical entry reveals the surprising connections and fascinating facts behind our emotional lives. Whether you're in search of the perfect word to sum up that cozy feeling you get from being inside on a cold winter's night, surrounded by friends and good food (what the Dutch callgezelligheid), or wondering hownostalgiaevolved from a fatal illness to enjoyable self-indulgence, Tiffany Watt Smith draws on history, anthropology, science, art, literature, music, and popular culture to find the answers. In reading THE BOOK OF HUMAN EMOTIONS, you'll discover feelings you never knew you had (likebasorexia, the sudden urge to kiss someone) and gain unexpected insights into why you feel the way you do. Besides, aren't you curious whatnginyiwarrarringumeans?

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