Language, culture and society Fifth Edition PDF : an introduction to linguistic anthropology

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5th ed. — Westview Press, 2012. — 448 p.For four previous editions, professor have turned to Zdenek Salzmann’s Language, Culture, and Society for its comprehensive coverage of all critical aspects of linguistic anthropology, as well as for its reputation as a pedagogically sound, student-friendly text. New coauthors James Stanlaw and Nobuko Adachi join Salzmann in revising this classic text. With extensive updates and expanded discussions of fundamental issues, the fifth edition continues to be the essential teaching text for the introductory linguistic anthropology course.The fifth edition of Language, Culture, and Society features:Three new chapters on language and thought, language and ideology, and language in a globalized world, as well as expanded consideration of the role of linguistics as a key subfield of anthropology. An updated built-in resource manual and study guide for students and instructors. Sidebars and boxes throughout to provide ethnographic detail, enhance student comprehension, and illustrate the practical experience of conducting linguistic research. End-of-chapter summary and conclusion sections and a glossary for easy review, as well as an updated bibliography for further research.Table of ContentsPrefaceIntroducing Linguistic Anthropology Why Should We Study Language? Language in Daily Life Modern Myths Concerning Languages Brief History of Anthropology Anthropology, Linguistics, and Linguistic Anthropology Summary and ConclusionsMethods of Linguistic Anthropology Contrasting Linguistics with Linguistic Anthropology The Fieldwork Component A Checklist for Research in the Field Summary and ConclusionsLanguage Is Sound: Phonology The Anatomy and Physiology of Speech Articulation of Speech Sounds From Phones to Phonemes Phonemes of English Prosodic Features Etics and Emics Summary and ConclusionsStructure of Words and Sentences Morphemes and Allomorphs Morphological Processes Morphophonemics The Sentence as a Unit of Analysis Inflections and Word Order Chomsky and Transformational-Generative Grammar Summary and ConclusionsNonverbal Communication Paralinguistics Kinesics Proxemics Whistle Languages Sign Languages Summary and ConclusionsThe Development and Evolution of Language Communication and Its Channels Communication Among Social Insects Communication Among Nonhuman Primates and Other Vertebrates When Does a Communication System Become Language? Milestones in Human Evolution Design Features of Language Language as an Evolutionary Product Monogenesis Versus Polygenesis Estimating the Age of Language: Linguistic Considerations Estimating the Age of Language: The View from Prehistory Estimating the Age of Language: Evidence from Anatomy Summary and ConclusionsAcquiring Language(s): Life with First Languages, Second Languages, and More The First Steps of Language Acquisition in Childhood Theories of Language Acquisition .....Their Locations (Map)

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