Cursive Handwriting for Adults

Languages John Neal 1.3K 12th Mar, 2022

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In this type, tap and swipe world, you have few opportunities to write in cursive. As a result, your skills diminish. Then, when the critical moment arises and you need to personally write something in your own hand, the results are not very impressive. In fact, they’re embarrassingly bad. Written and designed specifically for an adult audience, this book’s program for relearning cursive is guaranteed to take your penmanship to a new level. You will relearn the strokes and techniques and practice with the workbook pages. The instructions are easy to follow but designed for adults, so they present the information in a more compelling way. You'll find no “a is for apple” practice pages in this book. The exercises and sample pages are geared specifically for a more mature audience to help you relearn and practice cursive handwriting in a fun and friendly way.

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